Why You Don’t Have To Pay Your Traffic Ticket?

  • The payment of a traffic ticket is basically an admission of guilt and you accept all the consequences.
  • Your driving record will be tarnished for at least 3 years, you will have points on your license and the cost of your car insurance will increase.
  • Future traffic tickets will be even more painful and your insurance company may decide to stop your coverage and result in eventual suspension of your license.
  • If you have a clean driving record a police officer is less likely to give you the first ticket.
  • The cost of fighting a ticket is in most of the cases a fraction of your fine.

Why TICKET PLANET Is The Best Solution?

  • Ticket Planet was the first company to develop a very innovative and friendly application to resolve traffic ticket from wherever you are, right from your smartphone in one minute or less!
  • Thanks to our cutting edge technology once you submit your ticket through our app your case is Immediately in Court ready to be contested and the efficiency of this process is the key for your case to be dismissed!
  • Avoiding points is the winning strategy to keep your record clean and save thousands in higher insurance costs!
  • You will pay only a fraction of your fine with everything included and nothing else required on your side.
  • More Than 90% Success Rate! In any case if at the end of the process you are not happy we will refund you what you paid to us. No Questions Asked! We love you anyway for using our app.

How it Works

Submit your Ticket

Fill out the form with your ticket information. Also you can use our scanning option to input data faster.

Create an Account

Simply follow the steps to create your account or login if you already have one.

Contest Your Ticket

Get your ticket immediality in Court ready to be contested.

Request A Quote

Prices vary per County, Court and Type of Ticket.

Tickets you can Submit

Speeding Tickets

Drove over the speed limit? Fight it with Ticket Planet and we’ll go the extra miles for you!

Non-Moving Violations

Got a ticket for a broken headlight, brake light, or similar? Don’t let that ticket slip away, Contest it immediately with Ticket Planet!

Moving Violations

Rolled through a stop sign? Made an illegal U-turn? Submit your ticket and get Ticket Planet to help keep your record clean!

Careless Driving

Accidentally hit a tree on long turn? Slipped in the rain? Officer gave you a ticket for careless driving? Ticket Planet is standing by to help you!