Why Ticket Planet?

There are many options out there to fight a ticket, Law Firms, Referral Companies, Service Agencies, etc. All these options will try to attract you with very low fees, big discounts, great promises, etc., but they all have one thing in common: they lie to you. They all have a very tricky way of doing business, be ready for surprises like hidden fees, additional unexpected costs, undisclosed complication during the process, unnecessary paperwork or meetings, long calls to 800 numbers, etc. And if they promised to give your money back if you are not satisfied they will always find excuses to avoid the refund of what you paid.

Here at Ticket Planet we have a completely different approach. Ticket Planet has been the first company to develop a very innovative and friendly application to resolve traffic tickets from wherever you are, right from your smartphone in one minute or less. We invested in technology more than any other company in this business. Thanks to our cutting edge technology once you submit your ticket through our app your case is immediately in Court ready to be contested and the efficiency of this process is the key for your case to be dismissed. Ticket Planet is the only organization combining a team of highly rated Attorneys with Hi Tech Entrepreneurs working together to ensure positive outcomes for the best price with transparency and peace of mind.

Our goal is to resolve your ticket for just a fraction of your fine with an amazing app. We are able to cut off all the intermediaries, the third parties and the burden of the paperwork. You will not have to waste your time dealing with attorneys or Courts. With Ticket Planet you can rest assured that you are going to get the best deal for your ticket because everything is included and nothing else is required on your side, we will pay all the attorney and Court costs for you, even the unexpected expenses, we will take care of all paperwork, no need for useless meeting or long phone calls and you can always check the status of your case at any time through your account in our mobile app. No Court, No Hidden Fees, No Phone Calls, No Tricks, No Hassle!

Normally the process to get a traffic ticket resolved can take weeks or even months depending on the Court, the County and on the Type of Traffic Ticket. With Ticket Planet the time doesn’t really matter because once you submit your ticket through our app you can just forget about it. More than 90% Success Rate! In any case, if at the end of the process you are Not Happy we will Refund you what you paid to us, No Questions Asked! We love you anyway for using our app!