Don’t Pay The Ticket! – Why?

  • In United States there are over than 100 Million Lawsuits filed every year. Of those more than 50% are Traffic-Court cases. These numbers give you the scale of a situation where every American is sooner or later forced to deal with.
  • When you get a ticket normally the police officer ask you to sign it. Signing the ticket is only a confirmation that you received the ticket, it is not an admission of guilt. So if an officer asks you to sign the ticket, just SIGN IT, you can always dispute the charges later.
  • Now, if you got a traffic ticket DO NOT PAY IT! If you pay the ticket, you are essentially pleading guilty and accepting the imposition of points on your record. So not only you are paying a substantial fine, but also the accumulation of points will dramatically increase your insurance cost and result in eventual suspension of your license.
  • Most people do not fully understand the negative effects of getting a traffic ticket. Taking action on your traffic ticket is your right, you are just asking the Court to meet their obligation of proof of guilt, while if you just pay it, that ticket will become your nightmare for at least the next 3 years for the following reasons:
    1. The cost of your car insurance will increase;
    2. Your driving record will be negatively affected for at least 3 years;
    3. Future traffic tickets will be even more painful, your insurance company may decide to stop your coverage and you risk getting your license suspended;
    4. When you have a clean driving record a police officer is less likely to give you the first ticket;
    5. The cost of fighting a ticket is normally a fraction of your fine, so it will cost you less money to hire a professional and contest your ticket instead of just paying it;
  • In order to avoid all these possible negative consequences it is always better to FIGHT THE TICKET in Court. AVOIDING POINT is the winning strategy.